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    The race starts at the top of the access track to the forest on the far side of the cattle grid. Whilst here take note of the position of the grid and the safer route to the side. At the end of the race, 500 metres to go, you will come back down this track towards the Finish in the Visitor Centre walled area.

    From the start you run along the flattish track for a mile or so before forking right. For the next two miles you climb gradually to the high part of the course. Miles two to five are undulating and have, weather permitting, amazing views of Coniston Water and the Coniston Fells beyond. Around mile 5 we will have a water point. Bottles of water will be available. please do not discard your bottle on the track or into the countryside. There will be a refuse point around half a mile further on or carry your bottle to the finish. There is small hill between miles six and seven. From mile seven to the finish the course is predominantly downhill but there are some inclines to catch you out.

    Have a great race and we look forward to seeing you.